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On Demand Courses: Welcome

On Demand Courses

Virtual offerings to assist you on your path.


This course is two in one, "Empowered By Empathy" & "Tapped In"

Most of our discomfort in life can be traced back to a disconnection with the Self.

Do you feel anxious and ungrounded? Many of us walk through life spending most of our time in our heads. We intellectualize our emotions and spend countless hours worrying about the future while dissociating from our bodies. This causes our thoughts to ruminate, sensations of overwhelm to flood our senses, and eventually dulls the sparkle and luster that life has to offer. 

In a chronic state of stress, our bodies begin to compensate which results in further dysregulation of our nervous system and causes damage to the energy system. When we are naturally sensitive or empathic, our baseline for stress may not have as much capacity and reaching overwhelm may happen quicker for us.

We can become depressed, anxious, lack healthy boundaries, become unsure of ourselves and feel like we're stuck in life. Our gift of sensitivity may be something we become resentful towards and our ability to hear our own intuition quiets.

When we are not connected with our inner compass, it can become difficult to navigate our lives. This results in unaligned decisions and a life that just doesn't feel good.

This course helps you shift out of all that.

It is possible to become clear and stable within ourselves. When we begin to connect with all parts of ourself, we can move forward towards creating the life we desire.

If you want to manifest healthy, aligned relationships whether they are with intimate partners, with money, with friends, with business - it all starts in the body.

Embodied is a portal to helping you unlock the code for yourself.

A self paced virtual toolkit geared towards empaths & sensitive souls that want to learn how to quiet the chaos in their environments and their minds. Journal prompts, educational content and guided practices that help you tap into your unique energy, emotions and intuition. Drowning in the energies of others does not need to be your destiny.

This course guides us away from the victim mentality and gently encourages a relationship with your body and highest self. Simple, step by step tools are provided to assist you in creating healthier habits around energetic hygiene, boundaries and more. Lifetime access to this course also includes a breakdown of multiple tapping modalities such as EFT, EFT Energy, TFT and Chakra Tapping to help you rewire limiting beliefs, move through big emotions and call in the life you desire.

This information is presented in 40+ bite size, digestible videos and voice recordings to help you revisit as much as you need in order to create lasting change. Click below for instant access.

$499, payment plans are available

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