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Healer Mentorship: Services

Lightwork 1:1 Mentorship

6 - 12 months

This program is for the individual ready to dive deep into the self development world while working towards a well rounded, in depth certification in Energy Healing. Sourced from my 15+ years of immersive experience, we focus on protocols derived from multiple certifications, mentorships and thought processes. 

Instead of focusing on one specific modality such as Reiki, we pull from multiple traditional healing practices and weave in trauma informed applications for working with the nervous system. The blend of energy modalities includes Healing Touch, Traditional Usui Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy and other forms of high frequency light work.

This certification is an ideal addition to either an existing spiritual business that wants to provide their clients and members extra support or someone who is looking to begin their journey as a soulpreneur. No prior experience as an energy practitioner is necessary, but of course welcome. It is encouraged to have experienced energy work yourself and feel called to share it with others on the deepest levels. Through embodying what is learned, we begin to build a foundation to support client facilitation and an authentic business.

​The 6 month investment includes:

  • 5 classroom days where we learn and experience various practices & receive attunements

  • Biweekly meetings where we apply the learned knowledge and refine skills

  • Whats App access to me M - F

  • Online support that includes written manuals and guided recordings

  • Ceremony & Certification

The 12 month investment includes:

  • Everything within the 6 month Certification + 6 months of mentorship as you navigate incorporating energy work into your existing business or support while you begin to build one

  • Biweekly meetings to encourage and support you with both energetic strategy and aligned, physical action towards becoming a paid energy worker

Click the button below to reach out directly and schedule your free call.

Available in person or virtual

Fee: $10,000 6 mo. Certification / $20,000 12 mo. Certification & Business

Payment plans available

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