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The Studio

Hands Up

Full Circle Energy Therapies is a business I created to provide the many offerings you see on this site; Energy Sessions, Coaching, Virtual Courses & Masterclasses, Sound Baths + Meditation Classes, Certification Classes in modalities such as Reiki, IET & more.

As I continue to follow this path, the dream to provide holistic healing and create a safe space for community to gather has expanded (as all good dreams do).

Moving into a larger space in Washington Crossing has provided the opportunity to offer up my space to like minded professionals.

Below you will find an up to date schedule of public classes and workshops being offered by those who feel called to join me in casting a wider net.

If you are a holistic entrepreneur who needs space to offer your medicine (be it a regular thing or one off), I'd love to hear from you!



*Select classes & events can be booked privately at The Studio.

The Studio: About
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