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Lori is an amazing human being with incredible spirit.  Coming from a lineage of healers, Lori was truly “raised” in the healing arts and it shows through her work. She is a trusted resource for myself, my wife, and our dog, with a calmness and lightnesses that brings calm and grounding to every client she sees. Highly recommended!

Matt E.

All I can say is WOW. Lori is an amazing and super compassionate energy practitioner. Her office is serene and the minute you walk in it’s like a weight lifting off your shoulders. 

She goes the extra mile to make sure you’re comfortable, and really gets to know your most pressing needs. 

During my two sessions.... one of which was a distance session and equally as transformative... I felt a massive release of emotional tension that had built up in my body. I not only left feeling lighter... I left changed. 

Her sessions made me feel like I was healing from issues I’ve struggled with forever, and helped me totally shift my perspective when I went back out into the world. 

Lori has made me into a true believer in the power of energy healing. This stuff is magic, and it really, truly heals. 

Sometimes we go to sessions not even knowing what we need and I tell you... Lori will know. You WILL feel lighter and brighter when you walk out the door.

Sarah W.

I wasn’t sure about energy healing but went in with an open mind. After several sessions not only am I convinced that it’s real and works, but Lori has honestly changed my life. This treatment has far exceeded my expectations and I’m looking forward to continuing the sessions to work on my issues.

Nick L.

Lori kindly offered to do a distance healing session for my senior pup, Oscar.

Oscar had been in the hospital for multiple infections and had been really sick.

I’d never experienced distance healing before, especially not for a pet of mine.

When the session started, Oscar came in from the garden and laid down at my feet and did not move a muscle for about 20 minutes. Previous to that he had been very restless and couldn’t settle for long.

He was awake but didn’t move one inch and looked soooo calm and peaceful.

After Lori was done he fell straight into a deep, calm sleep and did not wake up for ages. It was wonderful to see him asleep and peaceful, it truly was.

Lori messaged me to let me know he had lots of heat in his torso (I hadn’t told her Oscar had multiple skin lesions from a terrible skin infection). She also told me she had spoken to him during the distance session and that he had such a gentle soul (that touched my heart so deeply I cannot tell you). 

Since the session, Oscar has slept so much and so peacefully and this morning he wanted to go for a walk which he hasn’t wanted to do for ages.

Lori is truly a healing angel and her sweet and gentle treatment of Oscar was such a ray of light in what had been a dark time for us.

Thank you, thank you Lori, you have opened my eyes to the power of distance healing for animals and you have a truly special gift. 

If you are thinking of booking a session with Lori, do it now and I just know you will love her as much as me and Oscar do!

- Becca Francis, thankful dog mom

Becca F.

Lori has helped open my mind to the world of energy therapy. Admittedly, I was a skeptic but the difference I have felt can not be rationally credited to anything else. If you have pain and/or anxiety, I hope you allow her to share her gift with you. She's the best.

Charlie G.

Lori is the best! Intuitive and caring, great listener and a fountain of knowledge.

Steven N.

Lori is a centered, hard-working soul that infuses light into all that she does. Take the time to meet with her just once, and you'll know what I mean. I highly recommend her services to anyone who may be considering.

Michael M.

So I've known Lori for a while now and when she introduced me to energy therapy I was like sure why not. Going through a lot of personal struggles dealing with anxiety and other mental issues. I found a true breakthrough seeing visions and experiencing a true calm. I would highly recommend Full Circle. Please reach out and try it, you will be glad you did.

Michael K.


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