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My Why

I believe that the challenges we overcome in our own lives help us to better serve other's along their path.

I didn't realize it at the time, but the hardships I've endured were not roadblocks but stepping stones steering me straight towards my dharma.


​I first started channeling energy when I was only eleven or twelve years old and it's been a wild ride ever since.

All I know for sure is that deep healing is our birthright. And we don’t always have 5,000 hours a day to devote to it.

I focus not only on connecting the spiritual and physical planes, but regular, every day realities that can effect our ability to transform - i.e. the need to regulate our nervous systems.

My own path has helped me to understand the concept of grief and gratitude rolled up into one. I have this rose colored glasses kind of quality that I refuse to let go of because of what I’ve seen. There’s something so inspiring, so beautiful about the messy voids we as humans find ourselves in.

If I can offer this heart centered space to others and promote expansion conducive to radical self love, then I have done my part in this small corner of the world.

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