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Coaching: Welcome

Energetic Coaching

What I mean by that -

It's transformation coaching with a twist, blending conventional guidance with energy medicine.

Below you'll see a couple offerings to work together. Though the capacity may differ, the overall essence is the same.

When we co-create, we facilitate a space that invites you to build a relationship with your body.

We start at your foundation and gently restore it. This is the platform for any outcome you desire to manifest.

This process is experienced in layers, delicately peeling them back to allow for your most authentic self to shine through.

Throughout this journey together we explore the worlds of nervous system regulation as well as energetic understanding and expansion.

By constructing a baseline that is now capable of supporting your intentions, you are energetically communicating a "green light" with the Universe.

Here are some of the benefits that clients experienced during and after mentorship -

  • Clear and transmute years of energetic stagnancy, Recognize and heal trauma, Regulate their nervous systems

  • Create a relationship with their bodies, Cultivate supportive tools with personalized embodiment practices, Connect with and radiate their authentic self

  • Improve resilience to stress, Develop habits that support a positive mindset, Amplify their self worth

  • Rewire limiting beliefs and operate from a place of self compassion, Tap into and trust their own intuition 

  • Connect and strengthen their relationship with Source/Universal Energy, Align with the frequency of abundance

  • Bring their visions to life with grounded strategy and aligned action, Step into new roles and timelines with clarity

Coaching: Welcome

Ways to Work Together

3 or 6 Month Container

It does not matter if you are just beginning or seasoned on your path, what matters is that you're at a crossroad.

This could be an obvious transitory time in your life or simply the nagging feeling that there has to be more.

More joy. More ease. More expansion.

These programs are geared to be tailored to you and your unique needs.

Personalized care to release, shift and transmute the traumas carried beneath the surface.

Together we will recognize, regulate and rewire patterns.

When we vibrationally align with our desires we cultivate a state of existence that not only manifests them into the physical, but allows us to enjoy them when they get here.

3 MONTH INVESTMENT - Up to 12 Weekly Coaching Calls
6 MONTH INVESTMENT - Up to 24 Weekly Coaching Calls

60 minutes in length

We will highlight your core values and create a ritualistic experience for you to align with your most desired goals. This is where the real conversations happen and we share the tools. The creation of your most sacred habits. Unraveling and shifting states within.

As a Certified Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner and Transformation Life Coach I guide and support you as you navigate the murky waters. Here we share knowledge within but not limited to Polyvagal Theory, Breathwork, EFT, TFT, EFT Energy and various Somatic practices that you can use as support to assist your mind, body and soul along the path of deconditioning and reframing.

Whether you're working through severe trauma or simply sick of this slump you've found yourself in, we will be able to explore gentle, sustainable ways to carry even the most sensitive of souls towards the light.

The header states *up to* 12/24 calls because you call the shots. This program is not designed to cause more stress or add yet another task for your to do list. I am here to offer as little or as much support as you need, and you are free to flow with the waves of your healing experience from day to day. One step at a time.

3 MONTH INVESTMENT - Up To 6 Personalized Energy Sessions
6 MONTH INVESTMENT - Up To 12 Personalized Energy Sessions

Every other call/meeting will be accompanied by a full length, personalized energy session to assist and elevate you on your path. Adding this element allows for a transformative opportunity to accelerate and integrate. Just like our calls, the reigns are in your hands. If for whatever reason you decide you do not need all 6/12 sessions (or maybe you need 2 back to back), we adjust the scheduling as you need. This is YOUR healing journey. You call the shots as you process and expand.

Self Care Gift Box

Vibrationally aligning with our highest selves is more than positive self talk. This gift box is a way to give you that boost on days when healing feels hard. By embracing the energetic quality of restorative rest, we open the doors to abundance. Each box will be personalized based on your goals and what brings you joy.

Extended Support

When we're together we'll go deep, but you'll often leave with homework. This is to support you during the in betweens. Voids are a beautiful place which growth stems from. Let's explore.


During our 3 month time together, you will have additional support when you want it. All coaching clients will receive 20% off 1:1 energy sessions (after the 6 that are included in the initial price), 10% off 1:1 meditation classes, 20% off group meditation/sound baths and 15% off Living Full Circle products when the shop is open and stocked.

Coaching: Services

Click the button to book a free discovery call.

Coaching: About

Frequently Asked Questions

I've never received energetic work before, how will this benefit me in the program?

Think of these sessions as an accelerator. It assists us in processing on an energetic level, allowing for quantum leaps and shifts to occur within our physical world.

Energy therapy helps with painlessly releasing trauma from our DNA. By removing these stagnant pieces from our tissues our bodies are able to replicate without that hindrance, which allows for higher vibrations to align with what we're consciously desiring.

It all begins with recognizing and honoring our unmet need of this moment.

Pairing these methodologies with neurolinguistic programming AND nervous system regulation allows us to literally rewire our brains, bodies, and current realities. Hence, aligning and consciously (and unconsciously) calling in the life we deserve.

How much do these offerings cost?

These sacred containers vary in price due to the different levels of support they offer.

***From now until January 18th I am honoring a one time discount for those who sign up. 3 months are reduced from $7,500 to $6,000 & 6 months are reduced from $15,000 to $12,000. Payment plans are still available and would be reduced to $2,000 a month.***

3 Month Container $7,500 in Full or Monthly Installments (3) $2,500

This includes any masterclasses that I create and offer in this time, the 6 energy sessions mentioned above as well as the gift box.

6 Month Container $15,000 in Full or Monthly Installments (6) $2,500

This includes any masterclasses that I create and offer in this time, the 12 energy sessions mentioned above as well as the gift box.

How do I know if it's for me?

Are you experiencing a transitional time in your life? How do you cope with stress? Do you feel like you're constantly existing in survival mode? When was the last time you "felt like you"?

The beautiful thing about this container is you make it what you need. We cultivate a state of existence that supports a balance in our bodies, minds, souls, current realities and future desires.

You will learn tools that will not only assist you in this season of your life but that can be applied in any season or circumstance going forward. Think of it as an investment towards supportive resources for your past, present and future self.

The goal is to empower you to understand that you have the ability in any moment to shift or heal whatever you desire. 

I've never invested in myself like this before.

When I'm taking a step out of my comfort zone I like to remember that money is actually an energetic exchange. When we take a leap of faith by investing in ourselves and our well being we're sending a message to the Universe that says, I am receptive for more. More love, more abundance, more joy, more prosperity etc. 

I than like to check in and ask myself, where is this hesitation coming from? Am I responding from fear based conditioning? Only you know what's best for you in this very moment.

And trust me, I get it. That's why I offer various levels of investment. Schedule a free discovery call and we'll see what might be a fit for you.

Coaching: FAQ
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