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Coaching: Welcome

"Chrysalis" 1:1 Energetic Coaching

12 or 24 Weeks, Available in person & virtual

For the intuitives, the dreamers, the healers, the seekers. This intimate, high touch container embodies transformation down to a cellular level. Designed for the individual who desires to create the life of their dreams while leaning into the magic of romanticizing what already exists around them.

In Chrysalis we help you to locate what your energetic and nervous system patterns are, so that you can begin to release and rewire them, with the intention of building a new baseline.

By weaving together the connections we have with our Body, Highest Self, Source and Mother Earth, we begin to form a foundation supportive of deep transformation.

This program is for you if you:

  • are burnt out and want to create more ease in your body and your schedule

  • are self led and ready to shake off the anxiety and overwhelm by building grounded stability within yourself and increasing your capacity for stress 

  • are curious to dive into limiting beliefs and rewrite your narrative with main character energy

  • desire to ditch the perfectionism and self deprecation for radical self love and unconditional compassion

  • consider yourself spiritually curious, and open to the world of energy medicine

  • crave a deeper relationship with your body, calling in more connection and a revamp of your self worth and confidence

  • want to embody your intuition and any gifts that may arise through the process

  • are desiring to understand your nervous system and learn how to support it using somatics, breath and nature therapy

  • are self led and excited to be in a completely different place energetically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually by the end of our time together

This program is NOT for you if you:

  • are not willing to explore the world of energetics and nervous system healing

  • feel closed off to the idea that you have room to heal and grow

  • believe that you are alone in this universe and do not wish to explore any other perspectives

  • expect me to get your results for you

What you'll receive:

  • weekly energy sessions paired with holistic life coaching

  • free access to my self paced course "Embodied" as well as my growing library of supportive somatic practices & and any other virtual offerings that are launched during our time together

  • Whats App access to me M - F between sessions

  • a personalized welcome gift basket

  • free attendance to my Reiki Sound Bath Meditation classes (for those who are local)

If this sounds like something you are interested in, please reach out directly so that we can schedule a free consult call to see if we are a good fit for each other. 

Coaching: Welcome
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