When I was younger I used to have people recommend the art of mindfulness and meditation practices to help me combat the daily invasion of that sneaky little gremlin known as "Stress".

My response consisted of a loop of excuses;

"It's so hard"

"I'm not good at it"

"I don't have time"

... Does this sound like anyone you know?

Well guess what, you just overcame the biggest hurdle!

Awareness and Acknowledgement.

Through my experiences I've learned that there is no wrong way to meditate and I've been assisting people in zeroing in on methods that work for them. Let's get together to kick excuses to the curb while embracing the practice of clarity and peace in your every day life.


How It Works

Mindfulness is simply the practice of turning one's attention inward, truly focusing on the task at hand and savoring the present.

There is more than one way to meditate -

You can practice while eating your breakfast, walking the dog, or even folding the laundry!

In my groups we explore different avenues such as guided meditations, breath work, visualization, walking meditations, nature therapy, mantras, color based meditations and more in order to discover what best fits your personal needs.

We welcome those well versed in the practice as well as friends with no current experience.

I hold these meetings in person at local parks, in my classroom as well as online via Zoom.

Mindfulness and meditation is not reserved for the gurus or individuals who are advanced in their path of awakening. They are support systems for "every day people."

They are for us.

I encourage you to drop in some time and see what it's all about. Together we can hold space for each other to show up as our messy, human selves.

It is called a practice because we are here to do just that.

Need a little more TLC? I am now offering 1:1 Meditation classes both in person and online.

Pricing: $10 group, $50 1:1

Average class length is 45 minutes.

1:1 and group classes mentioned on this page can be booked directly with me through the Contact button below.

Ask me about existing class schedules or request a special date.

The benefits are limitless.  Let me share with you the simplicity of it all.



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