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Healing is building a relationship with your body.

It doesn't happen overnight -

that's why they call it a P R A C T I C E.

Asking questions like, "How does this experience make my body feel?" "How does my breath feel as I make this decision?"

And carrying this awareness and communication from moment to moment.

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I offer various public and private classes at The Studio.

These classes and events are an intuitive blend of breath, somatic techniques, movement, sound, aromatherapy, energetic practices and more - showing us that there is more than one way to meditate.

As with anything we do together, there is a focus on intention and self compassion.

Sinking into our bodies and practicing presence is what allows you to hold your life as it is, creating greater capacity. 

When that can happen, transformation unfolds.

Meditation: Services

To schedule a private class or event:

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